1.    For your safety, always obey our lifeguards and pool staff.
  2.    DO NOT distract the lifeguards while they are on duty.
  3.    Food, gum, drinks and smoking are not permitted on the pool deck.
  4.    NO pushing, shoving, tripping or other dangerous behavior.
  5.    NO profanity, excessive noise or indecent behavior.
  6.    Eyewear worn in the pool is under the discretion of the lifeguard.
  7.    Proper bathing suit attire must be worn at all times; infants must have waterproof diapers.
  8.    A person with any type of open wound that is not properly bandaged will not be allowed in the pool. Lifeguards must approve all such instances.
  9.    Please refrain from sunbathing or sitting on the pool decks.
10.    Children under the age of 10 must pass a swim test to stay at the pool without adult supervision.
11.    Parents must supervise young children at all times.
12.    Children under the age of 12 MUST be accompanied by someone 16 years of age or older.
13.   Non-swimming children may wear Coast Guard approved flotation devices (life jackets) in the pool, however, they must stay within arm's length of their guardian at all times and remain in the shallow end of the pool. For safety reasons, NO tubes, noodles or rafts are permitted in the pool.
14.  The East Pool (lap pool) is primarily a "No Splash" pool. The "No Splash" may be lifted during times of extreme crowds. Children will generally NOT be permitted in the pool unless they are completing a workout or they are infants held by a parent.
15.   Soft sponge balls are permitted.
16.   Goggles are permitted, with the exception of those with sharp or protruding parts.
17.   Swim fins are only permitted for lap swimming.
18.   NO glass containers of any kind inside the pool area.
19.  NO DIVING in ANY pool unless under the supervision of a coach or swim instructor. Please enter the water feet first AT ALL TIMES.
20.   Please obey the posted rules for the slides. NO HEAD FIRST ENTRIES.
21.   Report any accidents or concerns immediately to a lifeguard or manager on duty.
22.   Drugs and alcohol are PROHIBITED!!

Warnings, suspensions or ejection from premises, loss of attendance rights or prosecution.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please see the pool manager to register any special
needs, allergies or health issues that may require attention. Thank You!